Plano Pest Control Services

 Our exterminators will take the information and develop a custom strategy to proactively protect your home and property from pests year round.  

  • Our Pest Control Methods are children friendly and pet friendly
  • We apply effective extermination with the ‘perfect amount’ of product to harm only insects
  • We granulate out in the grass of the home to eliminate the bugs found in those areas. (Usually where kids play and family time is spent.)
  • Fast, same day response to all extermination calls
  • Our “Pest-Free Guarantee” ensures that your home is being regularly sprayed & remains pest free!
  • Not only do we control insect pests, but we control rodents and other pests as well including rats and mice
  • 24/7 Emergency Extermination Services


What We Offer

Whether it’s ants, mice, termites or any other unwelcome house guests, our expert licensed exterminators will provide you with affordable and professional pest control services.



Our effective and affordable termite control extermination services provide protection for all kinds of termites that can infest your home.

Mice and Rats

We know all about mice and rats. We know the structures and places where they hide and live. And we want to help you exterminate mice and rats from your home or business.



You need the right tools, products and expertise to exterminate spiders. Choosing the right product and knowing where to put it is what our trained professionals know how to do.



Wasps, hornets, yellow jackets. They can turn your home or garden into a war zone! They are tough to eliminate, but our professionals can do it.



We Know Pest Control and we knows that the cockroach species, esp when infesting your home or business will determine your control strategy. We can get rid of cockroaches better than anyone.



Have you discovered a problem in your garden? Don’t worry we know how to fix your cricket problem. We know all about crickets–where they live and hide.



Aphids and ants are major insect and bug control issue. Have you discovered this problem in your home or garden? Don’t worry! We will fix your aphid problem!



Do you have a scorpion problem in or around your home? We use a variety of environmental-friendly chemicals to protect your family from these indoor 

Mighty Mosquito Control